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Where to buy

Where to buy

Avalon®, AdvanCleanse™ and JustUme® range of products are currently available in all major retail outlets stores; Watsons, Unity, Guardian, OG, Robinsons, Metro, Sin Chong, selected pharmacies and Chinese Medical Hall. US Clinicals® range of products are exclusively available at Unity only.







Avalon® American Ginseng Slice & Avalon® Japanese Fish Collagen, JustUme® Detox Plum are available nation-wide in all Be Pharmacy, Health Lane Pharmacy, Sasa, Watsons and Zenith outlets. For purchase of other Avalon®, AdvanCleanse™, JustUme® and US Clinicals® range of products, please purchase in www.hibeau.com.




Avalon® Aloe Multiple Detox and Avalon® Japanese Fish Collagen are currently available in all Guardian stores and other major retail outlets.


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