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CHOCOMARVEL®   1st Natural Menstrual Relief!


ChocoMarvel™, No Painkillers for Periods!

Menstruating has become a major event of every girl's life. Some girls greet those drops of blood with joy or relief, while others feel bothered by discomforting pain each time they menstruate. Studies revealed almost 80% of women suffer the effects of menstrual discomforts and some may even feel lethargic and weak due to iron deficiency at each menstrual cycle.
To deal with the menstrual discomfort, many girls had no choice but to use painkillers despite knowing the dangers of its side effects. Since menstruating is inevitable, wouldn't it be good to transform it into a more pleasant monthly affair through natural remedy than to rely on chemically derived painkillers?
The invention of ChocoMarvel™ gives modern women an effective alternative to painkillers. ChocoMarvel™ takes care of the well-being of women with its plant-based menstrual relief beverage overlaid with a chocolate flavour. A cup of hot ChocoMarvel™ during that time of the month improves blood circulation, leading to the relief of bloating, tension and pain.
Let's drink to comfort with ChocoMarvel™, your natural menstrual relief with no side effects of painkillers.
Awards Presented throughout the Years…
  • Cozy Cot Holy Grail Award – Menstrual Care Product (2011)
  • Promotes blood circulation and aid in relief of menstrual pain
  • Helps relieve bloating, tension and discomfort
  • Helps increase energy and relieve fatigue
  • Helps replenish Iron loss during menstruation
  • Helps regulate menstruation
  • Helps maintain hormone levels, and reduce irritability and depression
  • Helps improve facial complexion
  • Chasteberry Extract, Angelica Extract, Ginger Extract, L-Theanine, Black Sugar, Ferric Pyrophoshate, Vitamin B Complex, Cocoa, Malt Extract
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
How old can one start drinking ChocoMarvel™?
ChocoMarvel™ is made up of all natural plant extracts so it is safe to drink even at tender age, so long you are menstruating.
Can we mix ChocoMarvel™ with cold or ice water?
It is not recommended to mix ChcooMarvel with cold or ice water as drinking cold beverages when menstruating might cause our uterus to contract and blood clotting which increase the probability of cramps and discomfort.
Can we drink ChocoMarvel™ everyday or only during "that time of the month"?
ChocoMarvel™ can be consumed either before your period (when you start experiencing PMS) or when menstruating to help relieve discomfort and replenishes iron loss. Taking it long term can reduce occurrence of PMS and also aids in regulating your period. Since ChocoMarvel™ is derived from natural plant extracts; it does not cause any side effects.
What is the recommended dosage and how fast can one feel the pain being relieved?
For those who experience mild symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS); drink one sachet of ChocoMarvel™ a day and for those who experience severe discomfort and pain; drink up to two sachets a day. Typically one can feel the pain being elevated within one hour after the consumption of ChocoMarvel™ but for those with severe pain or discomfort, it might take longer.
Will drinking ChocoMarvel™ cause weight gain?
No, ChocoMarvel™ will not cause weight gain as Cocoa used in the product is unsweetened and the non-dairy creamer used is low in fat, thus it's a perfect choice for weight watcher!
Will ChocoMarvel™ cause heatiness since it contains cocoa?
No, the product does not cause heatiness as the dosage of cocoa in ChocoMarvel™ is well controlled.
Can lactating mothers drink ChocoMarvel™?
It is actually safe for lactating mothers to drink ChocoMarvel™; however it is still advisable to consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.
Can ChocoMarvel™ be taken with other painkillers etc?
ChocoMarvel™ aids in relieve of menstrual discomfort in a natural way but if there is a need to consume painkillers, it should be taken one hour apart.
  • Doing light exercise will improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, including the pelvis
  • Eating more fresh vegetables and whole grains can aids in relieving of constipation or indigestion when menstruating
  • Avoid cold food and beverages when menstruating
Cookie Lu

Chocomarvel is the best chocolate drinks I ever had that its good for my health which really help me alot when I had my pms and from the first time I had a try on this drink, i believe that it's a girl best friend from now on ;)”.

Eve Chia

It tastes good to me. :) Thanks, it lets me continue to sleep peacefully after the drink takes effect to relieve the pain in the middle of the night....

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