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AVALON®   NaturBeauty Skin Whitening

Whitens Skin from Inside Out Naturally, see result in 28 Days!

Avalon® NaturBeautyTM Skin Whitening, consists of clinically proven ingredients for visibly whiter skin in just 4 weeks!

100% Highly concentrated ingredients - CrystalPURETM Japanese Marine Collagen Peptide & L-Gluthathione for Better & Faster Result! 
Avalon® NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening is a revolutionary beauty formula that helps to promote skin whitening and moisturize your skin from the inside out! Unlike other conventional whitening supplements, NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening formula is created with a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains a new breakthrough beauty ingredient, L-Glutathione which has excellent skin brightening qualities and CrystalPURE™ Collagen to keep your skin firm and moisturised. Packed in handy sachet, it is a fruitilicious and hassle free beauty supplement you can consume right off the sachet.
Achieve Visibly Lighter Skin in 4 Weeks
The key ingredients in NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening have been clinically proven to give users naturally lighter and radiant skin in just 4 weeks! It reduces 85% of melanin production, blocks 67% of UV rays and provide up to 8X more water absorption capacity.
  • Skin Whitening
  • UV Protection
  • Lighten Dark Spots
  • Restore Skin’s Firmness
  • Moisturising
  • L-Glutathione, CrystalPURE™ Japanese Marine Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, Anthocyanidin
  • No additives
What is collagen and what is the function of it?
NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening is best taken in the morning or 0.5 ~ 1 hour before any outdoor activity as our skin tends to be more exposed to more UV rays during the day.
What are collagen peptides?
Based on the clinical study conducted, visible whitening results can be observed from as early as 4 weeks. Within weeks, you should notice that your pigmentation and age spots are lightened, and your skin is firmer with a healthy glow. However, results may vary for every individual. You are suggested to take NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening consecutively for at least 4 weeks to achieve best results.
What is the difference between the fish and the bovine collagen?
Yes. NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening works on all skin types. However, it may take longer to achieve desired results for individuals with darker skin tones.
Are there any side effects for taking collagen?
As NaturBeauty™ Skin Whitening is all-natural and does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring and any other chemicals, it is safe for long term consumption. No known side effect has been observed.
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This is probably my 4th buy from seller. Tried the fish collagen before, concluded that nuturbeauty works better! Can really see the skin looking more supple, slightly fairer. However, I realised up till a point even though I continue taking them regularly, I seemed to reach a plateau in whitening. Am currently taking it for maintenance.


This is my second purchase for the whitening product, so far can see a bit of improvement on my skin, maybe I just take once a day and not more two weeks, this time, I bought their collagen (AVALONTM Japanese Fish Collagen) also, hopefully my skin will get more fairness.

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